Vintage Mobile Patisserie
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With these options we supply a fully kitted out Fleur, dressed and decorated to suit your event. Staff to serve your guests and all compostable tableware.

Option 1

Pre Pay

The whole event is on your tab. We agree in advance your food and beverage option and a price for the event. This includes having "Fleur" at your event and staff to serve your food and drink. 

This option is perfect for Weddings, Adult Birthdays, Private Parties and Corporate Events.

For birthdays and weddings we can also supply the cake (see our bespoke cake page)

Packages start at  £ 750 for private parties plus travel, which is charged at £1 per mile

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Option 2

Pay as you go

We come to your event with a fully kitted out Fleur with food and drink options of your choosing, from our menu, and your guests pay for food and drink as they require it.

There is a minimum spend commitment from you for this option. At the end of this event, if your guests spend exceeds our minimum there is no extra cost for you. However, if it falls short, the organiser will be responsible for the difference.

This option is perfect for Private parties where you don't wish to be responsible for all the costs.

The minimum spend commitment for this option is £ 950 plus travel, which is charged at £1 per mile